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Scott R. Frakes, Director

Scott R. Frakes, Director

Appointed: February 2, 2015

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Pre-Employment Testing


Applicants accepting a job offer must satisfy the pre-employment exams beginning with a Minimum Physical Standard test then a medical exam/assessment with a drug test randomly administered.  Minimum physical standard testing applies only to certain positions.  Scroll down to view the videos or to read the Minimum Physical Standard overview.


Minimum Physical Standard Videos

General Information – All - (transcript only Narrative)

Custody / Unit Staff / Adult Parole Specifics - (transcript only Narrative)

Facility Maintenance Specifics - (transcript only Narrative)

Food Service Specifics - (transcript only Narrative)

Hospital Specifics - (transcript only Narrative)






The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) with the assistance of a licensed consultant and including employee input developed a MPS screen for the physical tasks common to designated positions below that were essential functions of those jobs.  The MPS screen was developed utilizing an employee questionnaire, employee interviews, sampling on site testing, and data analysis.  The key components of the screen were: the tasks must be job-related and necessary for the work, measure the physical attributes needed to accomplish the work, and frequency the function was performed.  The screen focused on the following groups of physical activity:  1) Manual Dexterity (hands), 2) Pushing/Pulling, 3) Bending/Stooping/Reaching, 4) Standing/Walking, 5) Self-defense, 6) Carrying Items/Property, 7) Operation of a Motor Vehicle, 8) Climbing Stairs/Tower, 9) Fire Arms Usage, and 10) Running/Emergency Responses.

The MPS screen takes approximately one hour to complete.  The purpose of the screen is to promote a safe work environment for employees and inmates.  This screen represents the minimum physical effort required to perform the essential function of the job.  This is not a fitness test.  You will need to successfully pass the MPS screen in order to proceed with the conditional job offer.


The jobs/positions requiring the MPS screen are:

  • Custody – Corrections Officer, Corporal, Sergeant, and Lieutenant
  • Unit Staff – Corrections Unit Caseworker
  • Adult Parole – Corrections Parole Officer, Corrections Parole Officer/Senior, and Corrections Parole Supervisor
  • Facility Maintenance – Facility Maintenance Specialist, Facility Maintenance Technician, and Facility Maintenance Leader
  • Food Service – Food Service Specialist and Food Service Manager
  • Hospital – Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse


The specific job functions and rationale are:




Static squatting and/or half kneeling: 4 min.

Forced cell move, time needed to secure inmate

Push: *38 lbs *50 yards

Laundry cart full of laundry – gray cart, 28” deep x 36” long x 24” wide

Pull:  *32 lbs  *50 yards

Transport inmate property with gray property cart – 28” deep x 36” long x 24” wide

Lift:  *Floor to waist *80 lbs

Patient or forced cell move inmate moved onto stretcher –
250 lbs. and 3 people

Carry:   *80 lbs  *50 ft

Patient or forced cell move inmate moved onto stretcher –
250 lbs. and 3 people

Lift with one arm (right/left): 
* Below waist to overhead  *28 lbs


Segregation gallery, 18 door lever lift.

Stair Climbing:  *1 Flight with 50 lbs
*3 Flights with 25 lbs

1 flight – Crate of toilet paper up one flight of stairs
3 flights – Tower stairs (3F x 9 S) steep

Manual Dexterity:  (20 repetitions)
*Lateral pinch        *18 lbs


Twist key in door multiple times daily.

Cardiovascular Fitness Test:
Rockport Walking test – timed, 1 mile





Carry One hand:  *62 lbs.    *30 ft.

Drywall mud, 5 gal. bucket

Lift:   *18 in. to 18+ in.  *100 lbs.

Change tire on dump truck by lifting at rim.

Lift:  *Floor to knuckle      *70 lbs.

Lift box of floor tile

Lift with one arm (right/left):  *75 lbs.  *30 to 52 in.

John Deere ‘Gator’ 4 x 6 bed to check/change oil.



Lift:  *12 in. to overhead     *35 lbs.

Milk crates

Lift:   *12 in. to shoulder     *50 lbs.

Packaged meat



Walking: (Walk Test for 3-5 minutes)
*Carry 10 lbs   * ½ mile *Brisk pace

Respond to emergency with red emergency medical box

Lifting:  *Mid thigh to waist level *35 lbs.

Move mattress

Lifting:   *12 in. to shoulder *20 lbs.

Move supplies

In addition to the specific tasks, the screen includes general health and range of motion for all designated positions.
Please wear proper attire for the MPS screen (athletic footwear & loose fitting workout clothing).


For ADA accommodations, questions or concerns, please phone:

NDCS at 402-471-2654 or 402-479-5890 (Acting ADA Coordinator: Levi Bennett)