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Adult Parole Operations


Parole is a method of prison release whereby inmates are released into the community under supervision before having completed their entire sentence. Parole was established in Nebraska in 1893. The Nebraska Board of Parole has the statutory power to grant parole, discharge from parole and revoke parole.  The Board of Parole is a separate state agency but the Department of Correctional Services and the Board of Parole work together closely.

Parole Officers, who are employees of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, supervise inmates released on parole by the Nebraska Board of Parole and parolees from other states whose supervision has been transferred to Nebraska through the Interstate Compact. During fiscal year 2012, the average cost of supervising a parolee was $3,318.

Nebraska has participated in the Interstate Compact since 1937.  Under the Compact a parolee may live in another state while being supervised.  The Compact provides guidelines for the regulation and supervision of Nebraska parolees who live in other states and parolees from other states who live in Nebraska.

Parole Officers supervise parolee activity while assisting with the parolee's re-entry into the community.  A parole officer monitors the parolee's travel, residence, employment, associates, financial obligations, drug/alcohol use, and compliance with laws and special conditions of parole. Parolees may also be required to attend mental health counseling, sex offender counseling or substance abuse counseling. Sex offenders are required to register their address with law enforcement agencies. Electronic monitoring may be used to monitor a parolee's activities. Urine testing is performed on parolees to deter drug and alcohol use. Violating a condition of parole will result in the parolee being sanctioned.  Every attempt is made to address criminogenic needs when imposing sanctions to ensure community safety.

Nebraska Adult Parole Administration is also responsible for the supervision of sex offenders on Lifetime Supervision.  Those offenders who are designated Lifetime Supervision Sex Offenders meet a very specific criteria as was adopted into law by the Nebraska Legislature and became effective in 2006.  These offenders are monitored very closely by the Adult Parole Administration Sex Offender Unit, made up of a Supervisor in Lincoln, Nebraska and several officers located throughout the state.


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