NDCS aspires to be the best in the business of corrections. The status quo is yesterday’s performance goal. We seek excellence when we set new goals and challenge each other to accomplish the things we thought we couldn’t do. We learn from every experience to improve the work we do.


Keep people safe.

NDCS has a statutory responsibility to keep safe people in the public, people who work for the agency, people who visit its prisons and the people living in its prisons. This is accomplished through sound incarceration practices and daily vigilance.

Good security encompasses much more than counts, searches and locked doors.  It includes providing opportunities for incarcerated individuals to change thinking and behavior. Those opportunities are facilitated by assessments, treatment, programming and comprehensive reentry planning.



Safe Prisons – Transformed Lives – Safe Communities

Successfully carrying out our mission is how we achieve this vision. The vision of our agency is a direct reflection of how important we are to an orderly society.

Through the use of effective interventions, incentives and appropriate sanctions we make prisons safe. By creating safe prisons where people can engage in pro-social activities and address needs that reduce their risk to reoffend, their lives are transformed. When people become contributing members of society, our communities are safe.



Integrity We take ownership of our actions and demonstrate professionalism, honesty and commitment.

Respect We believe every person has fundamental worth and we demonstrate this in our words and actions.

Compassion We care about people.  We have empathy for others and treat everyone with respect and dignity.   

Growth We believe everyone has the capacity to reach greater potential.  We strive to provide the right environment, expectations and opportunities for development.

ExcellenceWe seek continuous improvement and innovation in every endeavor to achieve the best outcomes.