TSCI Family Council Meetings

TSCI Family Council Meetings

WHO:  All TSCI-approved visitors

WHAT:  TSCI Family Council Meeting

The purpose of the Family Council is to provide an avenue for participants to communicate directly with members of the TSCI administration, identify areas that may be in need of improvement and to get feedback on those ideas. While it is important to remember that change will not be immediate, this forum gives us an opportunity to discuss the aspects of change. While you do not need to be immediate family to attend, all attendees must be approved visitors to TSCI. The meeting will last up to one hour. 

WHERE:  TSCI Visiting Room 

WHEN: Click here for schedule through 2020

Meetings will last up to one hour.

SMU/ISDP Wednesday March 6, 2019 4 p.m.
Housing Unit 1 Thursday March 7, 2019 4 p.m.
Housing Units 2 and 3 Friday March 8, 2019 4 p.m.


  • Issues of general concern – relative to visiting
  • Suggestion for improvement – relative to visiting


  • Meetings will begin and end on time.
  • Dress code for meetings will be the same as visitation dress code.
  • No one inmate will be discussed.
  • No one staff member or group of staff members will be discussed.
  • Interruptions of staff and other attendees will not be allowed.

Items to be added to the next agenda will be determined through discussions at each meeting.

Meeting minutes will be taken and available for participants at the next visiting session and posted on the bulletin board in the lobby waiting area.

**Individual inmate's programming needs or transfer requests will not be discussed at this meeting. 


Aug. 8-10, 2018

  • Facilitator: Warden Todd Wasmer
  • Recorder: Administrative Assistant II, A. Wright


  • Positive Change of Personnel
  • Communication from shift to shift
  • Treatment of visitors

Issues Discussed:

  • Lack of notification of visits
    • Inmates are late for visits due to being at work of class.There is no effort to let inmates know they have a visit.
      • Warden Hansen spoke to Major Ilic. Communication will be sent out to all staff to make sure inmates are notified about visits as quickly as possible. 
  • Staff for visiting
    • Due to lack of staff, visits have started up to 30 minutes late.
      • Warden Wasmer ​will look into it.
  • Phones
    • Phone restrictions seem to be handed out for minor infractions. Phone restrictions punish family as well, and should have the same importance as visiting.
      • Phones are taken as sanctions for rule sanctions and is up to the chair of the misconduct hearing. This is current practice and remains so.
        • After phone restrictions are received inmates are allowed to use their phone until the facility turns off the phone, however inmates are being written up for being on the phone during restrictions.
          • Inmates are not allowed to use phones once notification of phone restriction has been received.  The Major will send out notification to Custody and Housing Unit staff to ensure there is no misunderstanding. 
  • Closing
    • Look for dates on the website.