NDCS Annual Awards: Above and Beyond

NDCS Annual Awards: Above and Beyond

Congratulations to these teammates who went above and beyond! 

During Corrections Appreciation Month in May, recognition was given to the best of the best for their achievements in 2023 to provide leadership, customer and community service, mentorship, and more at the department’s annual awards ceremony. The event honored 38 teammates.

Special Teams Member

Since joining the team in 2021, Joshua has swiftly become a knowledgeable and dedicated member of the Honor Guard.  Josh consistently demonstrates his commitment by eagerly volunteering for events and actively contributing his opinions, ideas, and advice.

His commitment, dedication, and support truly set him apart as a valued member of the NDCS Honor Guard team. Congratulations, Josh, on this well-deserved recognition! #SpecialTeams #Dedication #Commitment

Community Service Award

Let’s hear it for Sergeant (Sgt.) Denise Pietzyk for winning the Community Service Award! Her proactive leadership has fostered stronger ties between TSCI and its neighboring communities.  Sergeant Pietzyk has also taken the initiative for the installation of two 'Little Free Libraries' in the community of Tecumseh, enriching the local environment.

Her dedication to both community outreach and fostering a positive work culture at TSCI is truly commendable. Congratulations, Sgt. Pietzyk, for your outstanding commitment to serving the community! #CommunityService #Leadership #Dedication

Innovation Award

Congratulations to Autumn and Shane for winning the Innovation Award! Their collaborative efforts have transformed the onboarding journey for new team members at the Reception and Treatment Center. Together, they've revamped the process for greater engagement and depth.

This proactive and collaborative initiative has yielded tangible results, including an increase in retention and boosted morale across RTC. Congratulations, Autumn, and Shane, for your innovative approach to onboarding! #InnovationAward #Teamwork #ProactiveInitiative"

Excellence in Mentoring Award

Let's celebrate Sergeant (Sgt.) Devon Strecker for winning the Excellence in Mentoring Award! Renowned for his positivity and fair treatment, he sets a high standard. As an exceptional firearms instructor, he guides even the most challenging students to qualifying scores.

Beyond training, Sgt. Strecker's contributions to OCC span years, marked by stellar work ethic and strong communication. Despite a busy schedule, he generously mentors fellow staff, ensuring their success and fostering a sense of belonging within the team. Congratulations, Sgt. Strecker! #Dedication #Mentor #Excellence

One team/ One vision Award

Congratulations to the Initial Classification Work Group for their well-deserved award win! Amidst challenges, they swiftly emerged to address the pressing need for timely classifications at the Reception and Treatment Center. Drawing from five different facilities, their collective efforts ensured prompt direction for numerous incarcerated persons, facilitating their journey towards rehabilitation. This collaborative endeavor exemplifies the spirit of unity within the agency. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!  #AwardWinners #Teamwork #Dedication

Customer Focused Award

Let's give a big round of applause to Amy for her well-deserved award win! Amy's exemplary leadership and proficiency in NDCS policy have contributed significantly to her team's growth. Her unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service shines through in every interaction with NDCS departments, external vendors, and state agencies. Congratulations, Amy! #AwardWinner #Dedication #Excellence

Leadership Award

Congratulations to Teena Lenger for her outstanding achievement as Acting Director of Nursing at the Reception and Treatment Center and Nebraska State Penitentiary medical department! Teena's commitment to helping incarcerated individuals shines through her tireless efforts to enhance healthcare services. Her proactive leadership and commitment to excellence have made a profound impact on NDCS facilities. Let's celebrate Teena's remarkable contributions to quality healthcare! #Dedication #Leadership #Excellence

Outstanding Ambassador

Let's hear it for Sara Scdoris, our shining star! Winning this award is a testament to her incredible dedication and leadership. Sara efficiently coordinates programs for the Community Corrections Center - Lincoln (CCC-L) population with professionalism and a can-do attitude, addressing concerns promptly.

As chair of the Employee Activities Committee, she goes above and beyond, offering creative ideas for team appreciation. Sara's empathetic nature and active engagement make her a trusted resource for both team members and the population, embodying the values of support and community within CCCL. Congratulations, Sara! #AwardWinner #Dedication #Leadership

In the Line of Duty

Join us in celebrating Corporal Austin Quinton for his achievement of the In The Line of Duty Award! Austin’s bravery and quick thinking saved the day when he responded to a distress call. Corporal Quinton's courage and decisive actions defused a dangerous situation, protecting his fellow team members from harm.

His exemplary performance under pressure showcases his unwavering commitment to safety and security within the facility. Let's applaud Corporal Quinton for his selfless dedication and bravery! #Bravery #KeepPeopleSafe