Team Member Spotlight: Unit Manager Mark Danner

Team Member Spotlight: Unit Manager Mark Danner

With more than four decades dedicated to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS), Unit Manager Mark Danner was recognized for his years of service for keeping people safe. Danner began his career right out of high school as an officer. He worked at the reformatory for a year and a half before it closed down. “I had the honor of being the person who ran turnkey when the last group of incarcerated individuals were moved out to the Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC).”

Danner spent several years at LCC before transitioning to the Nebraska State Penitentiary. “As you can imagine, corrections has changed since I started in February of 1978. I was only 18 when I started.”

Danner has seen many changes within the agency throughout his 42 years. “One of the proudest moments for me at LCC was when I promoted to corporal. I can remember Lt. Bill Cox pinning my stripes on me at roll call.”

Looking back on his career, Danner said he’s learned a lot. He moved from security to housing. That’s where he learned even more from his former supervisor, Steve Philson. “I have great admiration for him.”

Danner has served as the unit manager in Housing Unit One, Four, Five, Six and Eight. He’s worked as the acting unit administrator for both the internal and external units. He said each experience has led to different opportunities throughout his career. He thinks one of the biggest things he’s taken from this job is just how valuable good teamwork can be. He noted, when he talks with new teammates at NSP, he said he tries hard to help them understand the importance of what we do and how it’s very different than what Hollywood says we do. “Two of my favorite things I do is to give tours of the institution and to talk with new staff.”

Thank you Unit Manager Danner for your service and dedication to NDCS.