Community Center Sponsors

Community Center Sponsors

Community center sponsors provide the opportunity for individuals at community corrections centers to become involved in family and community activities as they prepare for a successful reentry. Community center sponsors support individuals at the Community Corrections Center - Lincoln or the Community Corrections Center - Omaha with transportation on furloughs for personal needs, programming, job seeking and medical. 

Individuals or organizations who volunteer as community sponsors include: 

  • Personal Sponsor

    • Individuals and organizations specifically known by an incarcerated individual and who have a particular, vested interest in that incarcerated individual (Example: Sponsoring a spouse on furlough). Also included in this category are individuals whose only purpose is to provide transportation for a specific individual to/from work or school, or other approved furlough destination. Personal Sponsors must be on the incarcerated individual’s approved visiting list to be eligible.

  • At-Large Sponsor (Volunteer)
    • Individuals and organizations with no personal interest in any particular incarcerated individual or who may be involved in providing services or activities to the facility and under the supervision of a staff member. At-large sponsors may be matched with an individual or request to provide services for a specific program or organization.

If you are interested in applying to be a community sponsor, please review the Community Corrections Centers Sponsor Orientation Training Booklet. This resource provides information on NDCS policies, sponsor guidelines and code of ethics. All approved community sponsors are required to attend an orientation. 

To apply, fill out this application and return by mail to the facility where you wish to volunteer as a community center sponsor, or drop the application off at the facility. All forms must be filled out completely for your applications to be processed. For questions, please contact the facility.


Community Corrections Center - Lincoln

Community Corrections Center - Lincoln
P.O. Box #22200
 Lincoln, NE 68542
(402) 471-0740

Community Corrections Center - Omaha

Community Corrections Center - Omaha
2320 Avenue J
Omaha, NE 68110
(402) 595-2010