Inmate Died; Tested Positive for Drugs

Inmate Died; Tested Positive for Drugs


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June 7, 2017 (Lincoln, Neb.) – Daelan Lamere (22), 79082, died on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, at Bryan West in Lincoln.

Staff at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution were alerted to Lamere’s cell on May 27, 2017, where he was unresponsive and having difficulty breathing. He was taken to Johnson County Hospital via rescue squad; he was later transferred to West where he remained until his death on Tuesday.

Mr. Lamere was sentenced 6 to 11 years in Douglas County for four counts of robbery and one count of use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony. His sentence began October 30, 2013; he had a tentative release date of September 4, 2020.

The Nebraska State Patrol will investigate Mr. Lamere’s death. The official cause of death has not been determined. Reports indicate Mr. Lamere tested positive for methamphetamine and MDMA at the hospital. As is the case whenever an inmate dies in the custody of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, a grand jury will conduct an investigation.    

“NDCS is diligent in its efforts to keep contraband from entering facilities and to prevent/detect the manufacture of dangerous contraband within,” said Director Scott R. Frakes. “More than 80 percent of our population has some level of substance abuse issues, which creates an environment of demand. The work we do watching, searching, and working our intelligence network reduces the problem, but it doesn’t eliminate it.”