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Meet our Social Work Team

Meet our Social Work Team

Hats off to this amazing team of NDCS social workers! On #nationalsocialworkersday we’re shining a light on the important work this group does to meet the needs of our population. 

As mental health professionals, the team takes a holistic approach to ensuring individuals have the right resources in the facilities and also the appropriate level of care in the community. By creating plans that meet the needs of their clients, they promote safety and successful community reintegration. And they do it all with a focus on teamwork among their group, NDCS staff and community supporters. 

As a testament to their commitment to this mission, they consistently draw interest from students who want to complete their social work practicum at NDCS, and many of these students have joined the team full-time after graduation. 

Thank you for everything you do to make a difference! #NDCSTeammates