In Case You Missed It!

In Case You Missed It!

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A short message from Staff Training Academy Training Specialist Emily Wiley. Happy NDCS Correctional Officers and Teammates Month!

#NECOVID19 #KeepPeopleSafe

Watch the video on YouTube HERE .Read more

Men at the Nebraska State Penitentiary have been sharing their artistic talents and inspiring others. The latest set of murals in progress focus on notable Nebraska landmarks and scenes including Chimney Rock, The Archway and York's iconic water tower.Read more

Teammates at the Work Ethic Camp (WEC) in McCook step up every day to support the NDCS mission and help men prepare for reeentry into the community. In the midst of the COVID-19, teammates continues to take pride in their work and rise to the challenge. Signs outside WEC acknowledge not only the importance of NDCS Corrections Month, but the extra appreciation everyone has earned as part of the quaran-team. #ThankYou #Quaran-TEAM #KeepPeopleSafeRead more

Originally from the Philippines, Registered Nurse (RN) Babelonia Meyers applied to be a nurse at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) in 2010. She said she felt a state job offering good benefits, retirement and job stability sounded like a positive direction to take her career. Meyers found all of that working in corrections. In addition, she found friendship, a supportive team environment and continuous educational opportunities while working at a prison facility. “Everything I learned in corrections was surprising.”

Meyers spent four years dedicated to assisting men at the Omaha Correctional Center...Read more

A special staff detail at the Omaha Correctional Center (OCC) lowered the flags to half-staff on Friday, May 15th, in recognition of Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week. We thank all the men and women of our law enforcement community who serve our communities every day. #KeepPeopleSafe #Thank you #PeaceOfficersMemorialRead more

Each May, the Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP) Employee Activities Committee (EAC) celebrates Employee Appreciation Month in various ways, including hosting a BBQ, and providing pizza and popcorn to teammates. COVID-19 has impacted the ability to provide these options but that hasn’t discouraged our EAC team from recognizing our team members in other COVID-19 friendly ways! Each week in May, the EAC distributes snacks to NSP teammates and recognizes one NSP team member as the Employee of the Week. EAC members handed out a baggie of tootsie rolls to each NSP team member. On each baggie, it says, “Thanks for the ‘roll’ you play...Read more

As you drive by NDCS Central Office on South Folsom street you can't help but notice the large sign reminding us of our gratitude for our essential workers. Thanks to all our teammates for everything they do! #GotYourSix #UnitedFamily #KeepPeopleSafeRead more

NDCS teammates are essential workers.

They work through holidays, weekends and pandemics.

The work they do, the rehabilitation and health services they offer, the job skills they help incarcerated individuals to create all go to #KeepPeopleSafe.

#ThankYou for what you do. Every. Single. Day.

To watch this video of appreciation, click this YouTube link HERE.

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