Road to Reentry: Non-Clinical Programming

Road to Reentry: Non-Clinical Programming

More than 90% of individuals incarcerated in Nebraska will return to our communities. During #SecondChanceMonth we’re highlighting the rehabilitative services and resources that encourage successful reentry. 

Non-clinical programs are designed to address the way a person thinks and behaves. These programs are typically completed within the first third of an individual's sentence and are an important foundation for positive change. 

Many incarcerated individuals have chosen to serve as peer facilitators for non-clinical programs. They go through extensive training to facilitate these programs alongside NDCS staff and enhance learning for participants through their lived experience. 

As one peer facilitator said, “I feel valuable here. I get the opportunity to do some things that are important, not only in my life but in the lives of others.” 

Some of the non-clinical programs offered: 

  • Thinking for a Change 
  • Moral Reconation Therapy 
  • 7 Habits on the Inside 
  • Getting it Right 
  • RISE Academy 
  • Restorative Justice 
  • Intentional Peer Support 
  • Prison Fellowship Academy 

Stay tuned this week as we look at each step of the road to reentry! #NDCSRoadToReentry