Kojdecki exemplifies commitment, duty, and loyalty

Kojdecki exemplifies commitment, duty, and loyalty

Pictured (Left to Right):  Back Row-UCW Jared Wright, UCM Aaron Bliven, FSD Mike Coffiel, FML John Kowalski, FSS Christopher Sieff, Warden Ryan Mahr.  Front Row (left to right): UCW Maria Harvey, UCM Catherine Jamison, UCW Rhiannon Kelley, UCW Katie Goney, AAI Karen Kojdecki and UCW Patrice Clemons.

Commitment:  What does that word mean to you? 

Duty: What does that look like and how do you define it?

Loyalty: What does it mean to be loyal?

For the past 33 years Karen Kojdecki has defined what it means to be part of a team. Kojdecki retired in July of 2019 after 33 years of service to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS). She worked all 33 years at the Community Correctional Center of Omaha (CCCO). Kojdecki wore many hats at CCCO and was always ready to help out anywhere she was needed. She will be deeply missed by her teammates at CCCO. 

“It would be easy to just say thank you and good luck on your retirement, but that just wouldn't begin to describe the sacrifice Karen has made to the Department,” said CCCO Assistant Warden David Erickson. “We wish Karen all the best on her retirement and we will always remember the impact that she has had on the Department and more importantly, this facility. Good luck Karen! You deserve to enjoy a well-earned and respected retirement.”